Monday, January 19

A True Friend

I just got done reading 1 Samuel 20 and it was probably the most amazing display of true friendship I've ever read [you know it's good cuz it's in the Bible]. This chapter tells the story of two great friends, Jonathan and David, who are the prime example of what true friends look like. In the beginning of the chapter David is expressing to Jonathan his concern for his father's (Saul) behavior, because David knows Saul wants to kill him. So Jonathan being a good friend says, "Whatever you want me to do, I'll do for you." (1 Sam. 20:4) This display of love for David is so true and genuine that they showed friendship like God wanted friendship to be like. So Jonathan ends up creating an escape route for David if he realizes that Saul truly wants to kill David. Before he leaves David to go to dinner with his father (where David was also to attend), he makes an oath with David basically giving God permission to kill him if he doesn't follow through with what he promised David. That particular Scripture says, "And Jonathan had David reaffirm his oath out of love for him, because he loved him as he loved himself." and what's interesting is that it says that Jonathan loved David like he loved himself. This key point is what struck me at first because in the New Testament Jesus talks about loving one another as yourself as part of the greatest commandment and it's so true. When you decide to "love another as yourself" you start to do things for people that mean something. As I read this I just wanted to challenge myself to look at everyone as God does, with love, and treat them the way I would love to be treated, not how I would LIKE to be treated or would be OK with being treated but how I would LOVE to be treated. Later in the chapter Jonathan almost gets killed by his own father just for standing up for David and that shows me that Jonathan was a true friend. So I want to challenge you [as I will be challenging myself] to treat someone this week the way you'd LOVE to be treated and see what blessings will come. I just pray that I can learn to become a friend to my friends like Jonathan was to David.

God Bless


Anonymous Anonymous said...
dude you're amazing and im amazed at the fact you get so much out of that! honestly its inspiring haha keep it up man :] you're goin places! dizzle!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey its CeCe, and I just want to say honestly, this is a great challenge. Not only because you can gain SO MUCh from learning how to be such an amazing friend but at the same time learning to love how God intended us too. This is a serious challenge tho, espcially in our world today, myself, have found myslef CHOOSING to be a loving caring friend, and give to others what I would love to be given to me in a friendship, like time, respect, care, love, fun, laughter, and growth......

But sometimes, people dont even believe a person like that can exist ya know? always wondering "why does this person choose to be so nice to me?", etc...and they dont really see you for what you truely are trying to be...for them, for God...
that's why im glad you brought this topic up because it calls for respect, determination and dicipline...and a good reminder to re-evaluate the way we treat the friends or relationships in our lives. It's a day to day choice ya know..??awsome blog tho bro!

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